Haidong Gumdo

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Haidong Gumdo is a very unique and distinct Martial Art. This discipline originated in ancient Korea and was developed as a form of combat to be utilized on the battlefield. This Martial Art is made most recognizable by its use of the sword. It has similarities to several other Martial Art disciplines, such as Kenjutsu and Laido.

Forms and Drills

Haidong Gumdo incorporates a wide variety of physical forms, drills, and practices – providing practitioners with a well-rounded training experience. While taking our Haidong Gumdo class, students will be taught the basic forms and drills of this Martial Art, before moving on to more advanced executions such as sparring, cutting, and candle snuffing.


World Taekwondo - Haidong Gumdo Academy Haidong Gumdo


Haidong Gumdo is incredibly mindful. One of the most important characteristics of this Martial Art is its meditations, breathing exercises, and etiquette. Through these practices, students at World Taekwondo – Haidong Gumdo Academy will receive training that incorporates the entire body. They will learn how to find peace, focus, and self-control during class AND when encountering real-life situations.


The idea of using a sword in class may sound intimidating, but there’s no need to stress! Our school puts safety first, always utilizing safe swords and protective gear when necessary. Not to mention, Haidong Gumdo provides its practitioners with an array of self-defense skills. This Martial Art builds physical strength, endurance, and mental sharpness, helping you to think on your feet in potentially dangerous situations.

World Taekwondo - Haidong Gumdo Academy

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