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    Welcome to Choi’s Traditional TaeKwonDo Academy

    Choi’s Traditional TaeKwonDo Academy is located in Peoria, Arizona and we also serve Glendale & the greater Phoenix area.  Grand Master Young Choi and his dedicated instructors teach TaeKwonDo Martial Arts the traditional Korean way.

    What do we mean by “traditional”? Traditional Korean TaeKwonDo focuses not only on learning spectacular kicking and hand techniques, but on instilling students with traditional values like respect, self-discipline, and confidence which carry far beyond the do-jang (TKD school) and into many other areas of life.

    Our goal is to train hard, but have fun doing it! Take a look around our website and learn more about what TaeKwonDo can do for you and your family!


    About Grand Master Choi

    Grand Master Choi’s TaeKwonDo is the leading provider of martial arts instruction for kids, adults, and families in the Peoria, Surprise & Glendale.
    Grand Master Choi’s TaeKwonDo is a special place dedicated to fitness, family and education. Grand Master Choi teaches his students not only how to improve their own lives, but also the lives of their friends, family, and members of their greater community.

    – 7th Dan Black Belt (Kukkiwon – World Taekwondo Headquarters)
    – International Referee (WTF – World Taekwondo Federation)
    –  Certified Master (Kukkiwon – World Taekwondo Headquarters)

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    • Board Breaking Day

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    • Mr. CTTA Side Kick

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    • 2015 Black Belt Spectacular!!

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