“When I moved to Glendale in 2004 from California we began looking for a new Do Jang.My Son and Daughter had been going for 2 years and I had just started. After looking at all of the Do Jang’s in the area, we were getting a bit depressed that we would not find another “home”. We walked into Master Choi’s class, Instructor Ryan and Master Choi worked with the kids to evaluate their belts and I watched the Black Belt Club Family Class. We signed on for out Black Belts right then, a three year commitment to Master Choi.
Unfortunately 18months later we had to take a break for my battle against Breast Cancer.When it became clear that my son’s attitude needed some adjusting I called and asked if we could return. Not only did she remember us, but allowed us to come back. Rick began lessons, Master Choi convinced Evelyn to return, and soon after my step-daughter was signing up, along with my Husband. Our four-year old can’t wait to get started, and already practices with us at home. Our children have flourished under Master Choi and his instructors. They have been great role models and the kids have excellent grades, respectful attitudes, and have learned teamwork, confidence, and pride that comes with a since of accomplishment. When they earn their “stripes” they know they met a standard of excellence and were rewarded for it. I love this school and all that it has brought us. The people are friendly, and it feels like family.  

Diana Green

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