“When I first moved to Arizona I was looking around at numerous Dojangs’ (like Mr. John) and time after time I was disappointed with the training I saw. Then off of a whim, I saw the dojang on 59th and Bell and decided to stop in. The first thing I noticed was a well diversified student body, and FINALLY a dojang with some discipline. There were two instructors with a 6th degree black belt being one of them. Of course I was instantly impressed by this, as my initial training was in Korea with a 7th degree black belt. Once class was going, the other instructor came over to talk to me and explained a few things about the school. I was very impressed and soon joined the dojang with my son. After a short time I saw that this student body was a big family and I knew I made the right decision.
Then the unthinkable happened to me – I was given directives to report for Active Duty in the US Army. For the first time in my life I was going to have to leave my family to fend for themselves while I went to defend this wonderful nation. As you can imagine, my mind was racing a million miles a minute trying to remember every detail that had to be tended to before I left (i.e. power’s of attorney, will, etc).Not only did the dojang provide a solace for my son, but embraced my family as their own with statements like “If there is anything you need you call me, NO REALLY, CALL ME.” Time and time again little things like this reinforce that this is the dojang for me and my family. Master Choi has helped me personally to achieve a higher level of understanding in this amazing art, and shown that the best way to lead is from the front. Thank you Master Choi, (soon to be Master) John, Mr. Joseph, and all the other parents and students that have made this dojang the best in the valley!!!”

Peter McCain

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