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    Fitness & Self Defense

    Adult Taekwondo Program

    In addition to TaeKwonDo training, Choi’s Traditional TKD is now offering Adult Taekwondo Program and self defense classes in the Peoria, Glendale and Phoenix, Arizona area to people looking to get in great shape and as a bonus learn some effective ways to defend themselves.

    The Taekwondo classes are for anyone, and any fitness level. The class will be held by a Kukkiwon Certified Master who practices what he teaches.
    This is an overall functional full body workout that helps strengthen the core, while maintaining flexibilty, and over all improves cardiovascular conditioning. It will be an innovative type of workout much different then what you can experience in a gym setting.The classes are held 11:30am to 1:00pm, Monday thru Friday. Taekwondo a life long journey with endless rewards.

    Some of the Benefits of Taekwondo Training Are:

    – Core strength
    – Improved Balance
    – Increased Energy
    – Increase of Lean Muscle
    – Reduction in Body Fat
    – Empowerment


    Self Defense

    Also now available are Self Defense classes held by a Chief Instructor at our Tae Kwon Do school…This class will help you overcome fear, by knowing what to do if ever the need arises.

    It’s an easy and comprehensive program that will make you more confident and feel safer. Plus he will teach a basic understanding of how to avoid dangerous situations before unwanted threats arise. Applying these self defense techniques will deactivate and stun the attacker, and gives the defending woman or man a real chance to escape.

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